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Climbing Mount Kinabalu is re-opened to visitors!

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Booming popularity in the Crocker Range World Heritage Site of Kinabalu National Park, as climbing Mount Kinabalu is re-opened to visitors! Any mountain climbing along the Timpohon trail is deemed safe as far as the Laban Rata plateau only – so there’s no program to reach the...
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A Salt Trail of Sabah history!

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Sabah history can be found along the Salt Trail of the Crocker Range! Once used as a route by traders to easily access town markets with their fresh produce – and why was salt most popular? Simply to preserve such foods as fish and meats. The Salt Trail is rife with challenge to...
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When will Mount Kinabalu open for visitors?

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The estimated time when Mount Kinabalu will open for visitors is set to September 1st! According to official reports on the re-opening of Mount Kinabalu’s summit trail, climbers may be guided as far as the Laban Rata plateau accommodation when the trail is deemed safe to climb...