The challenging jungle trekking route from Mount Alab’s starting point to the mountains’ Minduk Sirung peak at 2,050m, and finally to reach Mahua Waterfall in the peaceful town of Tambunan,┬ácan be viewed through this gallery of photos.

This is definitely a unique experience for our clients. Un-like Mt Kinabalu where views form a large part of the climb, this adventure is all about the experience of being probably the only people on the route, learning about the local flora & fauna which is very diverse in this part of the Crocker Range.

Not for the faint of heart, this is a very challenging climb and a completely different experience to climbing Mt Kinabalu. Mt Alab is not high enough to loose vegetation and therefore the entire climb is through rainforest jungle. Upon reaching the summit climbers can not expect far reaching views, the summit peak at 2,050m is still within the rainforest zone.