What makes Kinabatangan River so special?

Because the Kinabatangan River is so special to the wildlife that inhabit the rainforest area surrounding it!

As Sabah’s longest river, typical animals of Borneo visit its riverbanks as part of their natural behaviour. Whether to quench their thirst or in search of food, even those rare and endemic animals can make an appearance, such as macaques, orang utan, proboscis monkeys, Bornean gibbons, Bornean pygmy elephants, many species of hornbills and other birds.

To spot wildlife, free and in their natural habitat, is most rewarding when on a wildlife safari and one that visitors to the Kinabatangan River are likely to experience!

It begins in the east, from the Witta Range and continues for 350 miles (563km) to the Sulu Sea. Over time, deposits of soil and erosion changed the course of the Kinabatangan River created oxbow lakes, of which there are 20 in the Lower Kinabatangan region.

Birds of all species have been spotted at these oxbow lakes, making the lakes a paradise for ornithologists. The list of bird species is impressive, with such birds as: Scarlet Rumped Trogon, Blue Eared Kingfisher, Jerdon’s Baza, Oriental Darter, and these are just a few!

To spot wildlife, free and in their natural habitat, is most rewarding when on one of our wildlife adventure packages and it’s very likely visitors will spot wildlife at the Kinabatangan River! Contact Downbelow Sabah Travel Centre to arrange a suitable itinerary.

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